Trying to keep ahead of the game with Cyber Security is an increasingly difficult and time-consuming part of running any size business. We believe research is a valuable weapon in the war on cybercrime. Knowing what you have in place and where it can be improved is an invaluable component of any information security strategy. Our flexible approach delivers a high-level, jargon-free report with actionable recommendations. We tailor these services to suit your requirements with either a one-off review or reviews at regular intervals to preserve your IT strategy.

IT Infrastructure Security Review

A comprehensive review of your IT infrastructure is an essential component of your information security strategy. The dramatic increase in agile working and remote technologies extend the potential of data breaches outside of your internal network. We provide a nonintrusive, high-level review of your network devices, servers, client devices and cloud-based systems to give a clear picture of how well your strategy is working and where any improvements should be implemented.

Website and Application Security Review

If you are running a website or web applications to perform critical business processes and collect customer data, there has never been a greater need to ensure the security of your software. With the changes to data protection laws, now in force, bolstering your websites and applications is essential to comply with the tighter regulations on personal data. Regulation is not the only consequence of an insecure website or application; customer reassurance and brand reputation damage are becoming increasingly common through data breaches. We deliver a high-level report on the current security of your website and application security with actionable recommendations on areas of improvement.

Data Security Assessments

Data security is a constant concern of doing everyday business activities. Losses to revenue, damage to brand reputation, and interruption of business operations now, more than ever, emphasise the responsibility of businesses to ensure the data of customers, employees and suppliers is properly protected. Our data security assessment goes deeper than our review services by not only assessing the IT systems or applications